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If you run giveaways on your website and are looking for traffic you have come to the right place.

With over 70K pageviews a month Your Daily Giveaway is a perfect place to promote your giveaways.

We will list your giveaway on our site for a one time fee of $20.

Included in your giveaway listing ~

Your giveaway listed on YDG and shown on the home page.
Your giveaway promoted to our Facebook page 2 times.
Your giveaway mentioned in our newsletter 1 time.
Your giveaway shared to 6 Facebook giveaway groups plus the YDG VIP FB group

All giveaways are live on YDG until the giveaway end date. 

I use a link when I list your giveaway and will have tracking stat available for you at the end of your giveaway.

When a giveaway is promoted by YDG, your email address is added to my newsletter. I send out newsletters about special deals or promotion from YDG. 

If your giveaway is a quick turnaround giveaway (over in a week or less), I will do all the promotion asap.  If your giveaway is a longer giveaway I spread out the promotion over the first week.

Fill out the form below, and make sure it’s completely filled out so I have all the information needed to properly list your giveaway.  Once you have submitted the form with your giveaway information, fill out the PayPal form and submit. 

No giveaway is listed without the Paypal payment confirmed. If you use a different email address on your Paypal than you have listed here for your giveaway listing, make note of that on your giveaway listing submission please. 


Disclosure – YDG does not make claims of traffic or entry numbers to any giveaways that are promoted here. As with any advertising, there is no guarantee.