Online Calculators for Every Finance Question


Online Calculators for Every Finance Question


It really doesn’t matter what year it is, what job you have, what vehicle you drive or house you live in. The world is every changing and even with all going on currently there is one thing that is a constant, and that is money.

Maybe the amount of money a person has isn’t a constant, but money in general always will be. It comes and it goes and while they might teach a person a bit about money in high school, or even in college, a person can still be overwhelmed.

There are many ways to learn how to manage ones finances, but one of the biggest helps I have found is using online tools like the ones found at Pigly.


Make a Budget


Budget Calculators from Pigly


With the current world situation there are many people out of work, or on unemployment and living paycheck to paycheck just not sure of what might come of all this. The best thing one can do is set up a budget.

Budget Calculators are a great way to do just that. Figure out exactly what your income is, and your outgo and make yourself a plan. With the great budget calculators available it’s super easy to see where you need to be and how to get there.


Saving Money

Those two words are simple, but the actual act of saving money isn’t always simple. When one earns money, pays bills and then has money extra the first thing that comes to mind isn’t.. I need to save this. Am I right?

Savings Calculators from Pigly

Knowing how to save money and what is best for your future plans is key. If you are unsure where to start, check out the 99 ways to save money post from AARP. Lots of great tips and you will for sure be able to do a few of them, or more.

One tip from me, if you work in a profession where you earn tips. At the end of my work shift, I would take and exchange all my money in for twenty dollar bills. If I had 5 twenty dollar bills and there was a hundred dollar bill I’d swap for that. Whatever ones, fives or tens I have go in one envelope, and the bigger bills in another. I just stick it away, like I never earned it. You’d be surprised how fast it adds up.


Finance Tips

Getting a handle on your finances sounds easy, but when one starts trying to figure things out it can get overwhelming fast. There is a great article with 7 Best Personal Finance Tips for 2020 that can help you get a start on things.

Maybe it’s credit card debt, school loan debt, over due taxes, medical bills, etc. Let’s just call it everyone’s “American Dream” to be in debt. Well, not to be in debt, but everyone wants to own things and do things, and with all that can come debt we don’t want.

Pigly has some great credit card calculators and debt calculators to help you figure out the best way to get a handle on those debts and get back on track with some time and commitment.

Credit Card and Debt Calculators from Pigly


Smart Business Tips

Starting a business from home is a huge rage right now and who am I to say it’s not a good idea. I’ve been working from home doing various things, since 1995 and loving it! It doesn’t matter your age, or your level of running a business if you have great tips and help.

AARP has a great post on 10 Tips for Starting a Home Business. Even though I’ve been working for myself for years, I loved their tips and found them helpful for even experienced business owners.

Using some great calculators from Pigly will help you get a handle on things before you plunge into the unknown.

Business Calculators from Pigly

There are also other useful calculators for you and your family to use.

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